Sales professionals are facing new set of challenges with buyers becoming ever more powerful and better informed, the need to gain greater insight and understanding of your clients and prospects needs and requirements is more important today than ever.

To provide sales professionals with a new set of tools to provide an advantage Think selling have created the Think 360 Insight selling methodology, think 360 insight is an dynamic and adaptable sales tool that allows sales professionals to gain more control, more insight and greater understanding of the buyers decision making process, the barriers that sit between themselves and the sale, the ability to identify and communicate the value that the client sees in your solution and more importantly to understand the full picture of the journey the buyer is following to make their decision.  

Who will benefit from the course?

Field sales people                                                          Senior sales people
Client relationship managers                                      Internal telesales people
Key account managers                                                 Business development managers
Commercial managers                                                 Senior sales people who have had no formal training on the subject 

Upon completing this course you will learn the following skills
Understand and how to adapt your sales process to align with your customers buying process
Understand the customers buying process and where you fit into the process
Identify the barriers challenges and obstacles that stand between you and the sale
How to ask the right questions within a sales process                 
How to create an adaptable and effective follow up and progression process  
How adapt your communication approach to build rapport and establish better relationships                                      
How to use proactive objection handling skills to manage objections and barriers more effectively
How to adapt your sales approach to be able to deal with different selling situations                                                
Understanding buyer behaviour to influence the buyer’s decision
How to create and communicate value in every sales situations                                        
How to focus on the outcomes that are important to the customer when closing the complex sale
How to take a progress complex sales enquiry                             


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