This sales training course is designed as an introduction to the world of sales and selling, the course is aimed at providing staff members that are new to a sales role with a basic understanding of sales and selling and also provide the confidence and reassurance to enable staff without a sales background to be able to approach potential customers without fear.

Delegates attending this sales training programme will benefit from a step by step guide to the basics of selling taking attendees through the stages involved in the process of selling, the course also covers how to master basic selling techniques to provide a solid platform from which to move forward, delegates will leave this sales training programme with the knowledge and confidence to handle sales situations and customer conversations confidently and without fear.

Who will benefit from the course?

Salespeople who need a refresher                          

New salespeople
Client relationship managers                                      

Internal telesales people
Salespeople who have had no formal training on the subject 

Staff without a sales background
Office staff looking for an understanding of sales
Staff that are uncomfortable with selling
Client facing staff that need basic sales skills

Course Objectives
An introduction to the sales process                       Understanding how people buy
Basic selling skills                                                        Creating your own selling style
How to spot a potential sales opportunity             How to approach a customer
How to start a conversation                                      Building rapport
How to establish relationships with customers     How to build trust  
How to ask the right questions                                 How to gather information
How to deliver a basic sales presentation              Making follow-up calls to prospects
How to handle customer objections                       How to gain commitment from the customer


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