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Sssssh I'm trying to sell!

I recently found myself working from a business centre hub whilst travelling to a clients office, this office was fairly typical of these types of environment with a selection of chairs and tables positioned around the room and also a couple of banks of desks and stools for people to hot desk from, it was here that I overheard these immortal words.

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The top three reasons why salespeople fail to reach their targets

I have been asked by many of my subscribers to write something about this subject a number of times in the last few weeks and it’s a subject that I get asked about hundreds of times every year, what are the most common reasons why salespeople fail to reach their target?
Over the course of my career so far spanning well over 20 years as a sales leader and trainer I’ve been fortunate enough to have encountered and spoken at great length to thousands of salespeople about this topic and these experiences aligned with extensive research of over 5000 sales professionals has given me a very clear picture of what causes salespeople to fail to hit their target.

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Are your KPI's providing an accurate picture of sales success? ​​

I am often asked by sales managers that are looking to improve the performance and consistency of their sales team what sales activities should I be looking at within my sales team?

For me it’s an important factor that will have a massive impact on whether a team will be a) successful and b) consistent, the trap a lot of sales managers fall into is monitoring and scrutinising and encouraging the wrong type of activities, the biggest mistake managers make is believing that making lots of calls, attending lots of meetings and sending out lots of proposals will on its own bring sales to the team on a consistent level, without exception managers that ensure their teams focus on carrying out consistent productive activities within three key areas of their daily activities, will be far more productive and will always outperform a team of busy salespeople

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Do more sales teams need to consider moving away from the monthly sales target?

I recently had a discussion with a client about the sales forecasting accuracy of his team and the inconsistency that most members of the team were suffering from, he used the example of one particular member of the sales team whose performance was indicative of where his frustration was coming from, 

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Brexit from a sales perspective

The UK woke up to the news that just under 52% of the population had voted to leave the European Union. I wanted to put across the reality of this situation in terms of what this means to sales professionals in the UK and the impact this will have on hitting your sales targets.

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Is consultative selling a bit out of date?

That was the question a delegate recently asked me about consultative selling, it got me thinking and the more I thought about it the harder it was to come up with a decent argument to defend a pure consultative selling approach,  

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Are you a bad manager?

People leave managers not companies, that's the saying, discover the trait and actions of a bad manager and how to improve your management style and discover the leadership skills you need to get the best from your team 

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