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Brexit from a sales perspective
Last Friday morning the UK woke up to the news that just under 52% of the population had voted to leave the European Union. Now let me make it clear this isn’t a political piece and I’m not going to get into the why’s and wherefores of which side made the right or wrong decision instead I wanted to put across the reality of this situation in terms of what this means to sales professionals in the UK and the impact this will have on hitting your sales targets.

Now that some of the initial dust has settled it made me reflect and made me realise that throughout my career I have encountered a variety of events that have impacted the companies or industries I have worked for or within, everything from recessions to global disasters, acts of terrorism, y2k (yes remember that), elections, new governments and coalitions I could go on, some have been more challenging than others but I have come through them all, I have continued to make sales, lead teams, develop and train salespeople whatever events that occur the world still carries on and putting it bluntly people and companies still have to, need to and want to buy things, things might get tougher, things will more than likely be different but things are always changing, there are always new challenges to face when selling, what’s important is how you approach these situations and how you evolve and adapt that matters, Brexit will be no different whatever the coming weeks, months or years will bring.

Brexit doesn’t mean that every company has stopped buying

Already through some areas of the media we have seen the threat of economic Armageddon and ridiculous and unnecessary panic, yes things are going to be choppy economically for a while and more than likely things could be more challenging it could be bad, it could be very similar to before Brexit it could be prosperous we simply don’t know but even if things slow down, this doesn’t mean that every company in the UK has stopped buying, companies will be impacted differently, some will look to cut costs, some will become more cautious, some will just carry on as if nothing has changed and some will thrive but there will still be opportunities to make sales, Brexit won’t mean that all companies will suddenly stop spending but they will certainly be more focused about what they choose to invest in and look for more value from any purchases and more than likely scrutinise the ROI more.

Your mindset is the key to your success

Your mindset will have one of the biggest impacts on your individual or teams collective success, some salespeople will use Brexit and all the baggage that comes with it as an excuse, “people aren’t taking my calls”, “people aren’t buying”, “no one has any budget” I call these people doomsayers, don’t be one of them! These people have a problem for every solution, a positive and determined “can do” attitude will immediately put you at an advantage and I encountered one of the best examples of how a positive mindset makes a huge difference in challenging times back in 2008, I was speaking with a group business owners at a networking event and during the conversation one business owner was asked how the recession was impacting his business to which he replied “I don’t have time for a recession, I’m too busy growing my business” unsurprisingly his business weathered the storm of the recession and sales grew and I know this was largely due to the mindset of the owner and his sales team.

Don’t focus on what you can’t control, focus on what you can achieve

Whatever the outcome of Brexit you can’t control it, it’s as simple as that but you can control your sales activity, the fundamentals of sales haven’t changed and nor will they, by taking responsibility for the activities you can control you will be successful, if you find enough individuals and companies that have a need or desire to buy from you, you will sell to the ones that want to buy from you and you will hit your target.

Have a plan and have a process

Now is the time to work harder but more importantly work smarter, being a busy fool won’t get you through this, you need a plan, you need a process and you need a strategy, do your research on your targets and your prospects, set out account plans and have a robust process to progress sales, be organised and be prepared.

Up your game and make sure you are in the best position you can be for every sales opportunity

I mentioned earlier that one of the things that will more than likely change is how people make their decisions so it's imperative that you up your game, this is the time when you should review the key aspects of your sales approach, scrutinise how well you understand and communicate the value you offer to your clients, take a look at the questions you ask your clients and prospects and how you generate leads and prospect for new business and how you manage your existing accounts.

Whatever happens in the coming days, weeks, months and years, stay positive, stay focused work a little harder, work a lot smarter and you will come through this experience a stronger, wiser and more than likely a more successful sales professional.

Best wishes

About the author

Paul Routley is an award-winning trainer and one of the UK's leading authorities on modern sales techniques.

With over twenty years experience in sales and sales management, starting out in sales at the age of 17 and working his way up from trainee sales person to sales director, working for some of the worlds largest and most well-known companies along the way.

Paul has held a number of sales manager roles throughout his career and spent over 10 years as a sales director.

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