Within this one day course you will learn the essential skills, sales techniques and sales strategies needed to close sales, within this sales workshop you will learn how to ask better questions, understand buyers needs and how to persuade, influence and convince buyers to agree and commit to you more frequently by using powerful language assertiveness and persuasive pitches to win your customers over, learn how to understand and deal with buyers objections plus learn how and when to negotiate with buyers to secure the sale.

You will walk away from this course with the confidence and skills to be able to build stronger rapport and better relationships with your customers and have the confidence to persuade and influence buyers into your thinking and ideas by being more assertive and persuasive
Many of us have to negotiate as part of our day to day role and without realising it we negotiate far more often than we actually realize, in many clients eyes the classic perception of a negotiation is that of “one party winning and the other party losing”.

To be a truly great negotiator you need to possess a set of skills and qualities that set you apart from your competition.

Good negotiators can play tough when they need to, they make concessions when they need to, but more importantly they have the ability to look after themselves as well as look after the party they are negotiating with, negotiation techniques have changed in recent times and if you are finding that your tried and tested negotiating tactics simply aren’t working then this workshop could open your eyes to the new world or negotiation.


Who will benefit from the course?
•    Field sales people                                                          •    Business to business salespeople
•    Salespeople who need a refresher                           •    New salespeople
•    Client relationship managers                                       •    Internal telesales people
•    Account managers                                                        •    Business development managers
•    Commercial managers                                                  •    Salespeople who have had no formal training on the subject 

Upon completing this course you will learn the following skills  and knowledge

Understand and how to a sale pipeline to close sales                  How to define your negotiation style
Understand the sales process to close the sale                             Understand the buying process
How to ask the right questions                                                         How to qualify a customer's requirements
Closing sales at appointments and meetings                                The closing techniques you should avoid   
Building rapport and establishing relationships                            Objection handling skills
Dealing with difficult selling situations                                            Understanding buyer behaviour
How to create and generate value                                                   How to read other people                                           
How to focus on the outcome when closing the sale                   How to close the sale and gain commitment
How to achieve a win-win outcome from the negotiation          
How to understand the different types of negotiation                     
How to identify hard/tough negotiation styles                            How to identify soft negotiation styles                                            
How to see and understand the buyer's point of view                 How to focus on the outcome                                                          
To understand that your objectives might change                       How to negotiation within your own rules and limits                    
How and when to walk away from a negotiation                          How to playing the 'game' of negotiation                                       
How to negotiation upwards and downwards                               The negative impact of giving things away                                     
How to deal with hidden agendas                                                    How to make decisions within the negotiation process               




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