Cold calling, you may love it or you may hate it but when it is done well cold calling is still one of the most effective means of generating new sales opportunities, regardless of economic conditions cold calling is one of the quickest and most direct means of generating new sales opportunities and works in almost every market sector.

This practical and engaging one day sales workshop will provide delegates with the knowledge, skills and more importantly the mindset to ensure they will leave the workshop with everything they need to make good quality cold calls that will result in sales opportunities including the confidence to handle call objections, develop more calls and take more positive outcomes from every call.

Who will benefit from the course?

•    Field sales people                                                          •    Business to business sales people
•    Sales people who need a refresher                           •    New sales people
•    Client relationship managers                                       •    Internal telesales people
•    Account managers                                                        •    Business development managers
•    Commercial managers                                                  •    Sales people who have had no formal training on the subject 

Upon completing this course you will learn the following skills, knowledge and understanding.

Cold Calling Essentials                                                                                         Making the call
Telephone Communication Skills                                                                      Anticipating possible call objections                               
Pre call activity                                                                                                      Handling Screening Objections                                         
Identifying your targets (call research and identifying the contact)            Opening the call
Establishing call objectives                                                                                 Gaining control of the call                                                
Planning your calls                                                                                               Developing the call                                                    
What post call activity should you carry out                                                    Achieving your call objectives                                 
How to use CRM to manage and track calls                                                    Converting the call                                                    
How to take effective call notes                                                                        Closing the call                                               
Following up the call


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