This sales training course provides sales professionals with the tools, skills and knowledge to create a consultative sales approach to allow the sales person wo work in partnership with their customers and create the framework to be able to explore and identify their customers issue, challenges and needs.

Your sales team will discover how to work in collaboration with their customers to help them make more informed decisions by understanding the true value your solution delivers. You will also understand why customers buy and more importantly why they should buy from you.

The course will also cover in great detail how to create and apply an intelligent value driven questioning appproach to gain insight and to undert the true value you can deliver to your cleints and prospects.

Using our unique 360 selling approach this course allows sales professionals to gain more insight and understanding into your customers and prospects’ world to gain a greater leverage and clarity. Delegates will leave this course with the skills to build a highly effective consultative sales strategy that will transform their sales results.

Who will benefit from the course?

Field sales people                                                          Senior sales people
Client relationship managers                                      Internal telesales people
Key account managers                                                 Business development managers
Commercial managers                                                 Senior sales people who have had no formal training on the subject 

Upon completing this course you will learn the following skills

gain a clear understanding of how to move towards a consultative selling model to secure more sales
Discover how to create and communicate more value 
Develop an awareness of the different decision making styles and develop a strategy to adapt your sales approach.
Identify the root and cause of your customer's problems, challenges and concerns andoffer the ideal solutions.
Understand and be able to communicate the positive effect of your sale on your customer’s business.
Analyse your company’s people, products and process and use them to differentiate yourself from the competition.
Create a greater commercial awareness of your client.
Ensure that you understand and deliver both tangible and intangible benefits to your customers.
Develop the skills and behaviours needed to successfully deliver value driven solutions to secure more business.
Become more aware of your clients plans and strategic objectives.
Knowing when and how your cleints decsions are made and where you fit into this process to help you secure the deal.


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