The key objectives of this essential sales skills sales training courses will be to provide sales representatives with the confidence to sell more effectively in any selling situation, the course will overcome sales resistance and scepticism towards selling from representatives from a non-sales background by providing easy to apply sales techniques, we make selling more comfortable for representatives by providing a proven method of approaching the sales process from the buyers perspective to win more sales, this technique actively works with the buyer to overcome and minimise many of the common barriers to the sale whilst identifying and uncovering the buyers key motivators to buy your solution. 

Within this sales training course, you will learn the essential sales skills, sales techniques and sales strategies needed to win more sales, you will learn how to ask better questions, understand buyers needs, learn how to understand and deal with buyers objections plus learn how to work with buyers to secure the sale.

The sales training course will also cover time management for salespeople as well as understand how to create and demonstrate value in the eyes of the customer to create more buy-in from a prospect, we will also cover how to manage the sales process and manage prospect lists to keep on top of your sales pipeline.

Who will benefit from the course?

Field sales people                                                          Business to business salespeople
Salespeople who need a refresher                           New salespeople
Client relationship managers                                      Internal telesales people
Account managers                                                        Business development managers
Commercial managers                                                 Salespeople who have had no formal training on the subject 

Course Objectives
Understand the sales process                                                          Understand the buying process
Learn how to ask the right questions                                              Learn how to qualify customer requirements
Learn how to book sales appointments and meetings                Understand how to generate leads and new opportunities
Learn how to cold call in person                                                      Understand how to handle the most common objections
Learn how to build rapport and establishing relationships             Learn how to deal with difficult buyers
Learn how to deal with difficult selling situations                         Understanding buyer behaviour
Discover how to create and demonstrate value                            Learn how to read other people                                
Learn how to focus on the outcome when closing the sale         Learn how to close the sale and gain commitment
Discover how to take a professional enquiry                                 Learn how to negotiate more successfully


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