Our experience has shown us that if you take a single management or leadership approach to a team you will soon discover that it won’t bring the best out of the team and in most cases it will create the opposite effect and deliver a disengaged and unmotivated team.  

Whatever type of team you are leading or managing, every team is unique and presents its own set of challenges, understanding how to lead and how to manage to get the best from your teams can be a real test, discover how applying our adaptive leadership methodology will assist you in getting the best from your team, whether your team is a customer services team, support or an internal team the course will demonstrate how to understand the motivators and drivers that affect your team, the individual and collective behaviours that will dictate the specific style of leadership and management that will bring the best from an individual to maximise their output engagement and performance.

Who will benefit from the course?

Team directors
Team leaders
Call centre managers 
Customer service managers
Support team managers                                                           

Upon completing this course you will learn the following skills
Understand and how to adapt your leadership style to get the best from your team
Understand the individual behaviours of your team members 
Identify the barriers challenges and obstacles that stand between your team and their goals
How to motivate and engage with your team
How to adapt your communication approach to build rapport and establish better relationships                                      
How to use proactive leadership to keep your team on course to achieve their goals
How to adapt your leadership approach to be able to deal with different management situations                                                
Understanding team and individual behaviour to influence the results of your team

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