Developing and securing the sale
Our unique adaptive 360 sales process will provide your sales team with a highly adaptable ad insightful sales approach designed to build stronger relationships and provide insight and greater understanding of the full picture within the sales process, the process will allow you to quickly and effectively adapt your approach to be able to communicate with prospects in the right way and adopt the most effective sales approach for any given sales situation.
Think Selling 360 Selling Approach Training
Our intermediate 360 selling programme is aimed at sales professionals with limited previous experience of adopting and using specific sales methodologies and limited experience of applying consultative or strategic sales approaches, this programme is deigned to lay a solid foundation from which to progress to a more advanced level. 
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Strategic Selling Sales Training

When confronted with a complicated and difficult selling situation a more strategic approach can provide a huge advantage. Complex sales situations usually provide sales people with a variety of specific challenges associated with a complicated sale and adopting a more in depth intelligence driven strategic sales approach is the only effective way of securing complex sales.
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Consultative Selling Sales Training

Adopting a consultative sales process in the right circumstances will provide your sales team with the ideal platform to find new ways to provide your prospects and clients with value and understand more about the solutions they require and how your own solution will fit their needs, this highly effective approach can unlock the key elements within the process to put you in control.
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