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Recruitment Solutions 

More than just sending over a CV

Think Selling recruitment solutions look to offer our clients far more flexibility and deliver more value from using a recruitment service.

What makes us different?

Broad industry expertise

Experienced recruitment professional working with you

Competitive fee scale  

Candidate profile summary 

Behavioural assessment 

All candidates are interviewed and pre-screened 

Here at Think Selling we use psychometric and behavioural assessments within the recruitment process to aid in evaluating a candidate’s behavioural compatibility with your requirements of your job role, resulting in better retention and lower recruitment costs, there is no doubt that recruiting people who are a good match behaviourally and are more likely to gel quickly within your organisation will reduce staff turnover, improve performance over time and avoids the costs of making a bad recruitment decision. 

Most companies recruit people based upon the skills and experience but ultimately fire them for their behavioural faults . . .  

All of our candidates are interviewed face to face before being considered for any vacancy and all prospective candidates applications will be accompanied by a full overview of their background and a copy of their assessment.
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